Question on Spreader and Suction Plate
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Question on Spreader and Suction Plate
Hi all,

I would like to ask what's the physical difference between the L, NL and 601 Spreader and Suction plate in the hopper? I checked physically the 3 spreader plate and couldn't find any significant difference. Hence the question is, if there is no difference in the 3 type of spreader, then why different parameters called out for different kind of spreader?

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RE: Question on Spreader and Suction Plate
The difference is in the depth of the channel left between the spreader / exhauster and the metering disc.

The L(iquid) is -0.2mm of the metering disc groove height

The N(on) L(iquid) is +0.2mm of the groove height

The 601 (for Metco 601 powder or similar) leaves the largest channel of the three at +0.4mm

Very small dimensional differences admittedly, but crucial for the powder flow characteristics.
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RE: Question on Spreader and Suction Plate
Hi SimonH

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Very helpful, thanks Cheers

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