YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?
03-19-2014, 03:38 AM,
YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?
Hi everyone,

Do you think that Yttria Stabilized Zirconia can be deposited by Cold Spraying, say onto a temperature-sensitive substrate, for e.g a composite?

Thanks a lot Smile

03-19-2014, 08:26 AM,
RE: YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?
Dear Nadiir,

Cold spray process is highly suitable for metals of FFC structure such as Copper, Aluminum and Nickel etc but for carbides, ceramics (YSZ) and BCC structure metal coatings, cold spray process may not good option. This process may develop very thin coatings (less than 50 microns) with poor coating characteristics for carbides, ceramics and Mo type of metals.

FOR YSZ coating APS process is the best option and for carbides, HVOF process is the best option
03-21-2014, 03:00 AM,
RE: YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?
Dear Sreenuvundela,

Thanks for the suggestions. In that case, the YSZ will erode the composite substrate when cold spraying is employed.

Are there any factors/characteristics (materials science or mechanical properties) that may help me to choose which spray materials can be used for cold spraying, in addition to the fact that the metals should consist of a FFC structure?

Actually, I would like to spray a non-metallic material onto a composite substrate.

p.s: The above trial may not be favorable but at least I could know the justifications.

With Thanks,

03-21-2014, 06:47 AM,
RE: YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?

Kindly follow latest updates on cold spray technology through net or journal of TSA (Thermal spray association).

Cold spray technology is new for job shops, hence you have to depend on R &D data only.



03-22-2014, 11:26 AM,
RE: YSZ deposited by Cold Spraying?
Dear Sreenivas,

Indeed. And thanks for the tips!




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