Registering and Activating User Account - Help
11-17-2006, 01:05 AM,
Registering and Activating User Account - Help
[Image: reg1.gif]
[Image: reg1b.gif]
Click "I agree" button
[Image: reg2.gif]
Note 1. Choose a user name, this could be your real name or a nickname. It will need to be a minimum of 3 characters long.

Note 2. Choose a good password with a minimum of 6 characters.

Note 3. A valid email address is required. The forum server sometimes has problems delivering email to some addresses like AOL. Check your bulk or spam folder for filtered out emails. If you do not receive an account activation email, then please email for help.

Note 4. Add username of your referrer if you have one. Not really important.

Note 5. Image verification is to stop automated robot registrations and postings (a real pain in the neck on the old message board). The code image example shown above is easy to read, but it can throw up some that are more difficult to interpret (its meant to be difficult for robots!). So, if it rejects your image verification, just try again with newly refreshed image. If you find it hard to read keep refreshing the page until you can.

Note 6. Account preferences are probably not too important at this stage as you can change then later on. The main one really is deciding whether you want other forum members to be able to email you or not "Hide your email from other members". Your actual email address is not displayed to anybody in either case, except for the forum administrators.

Note 7.??Set your time zone so you get your correct time. Please note that daylight time saving correction tick box does not automatically update your clock, you need to set it manually when the clocks change.

Note 8. Only English (default) language setting here.
[Image: reg2b.gif]
When happy with your settings, click "submit registration"
[Image: reg3.gif]

All being well, you should receive an automated email:
Subject: Account Activation at Surface Engineering Forum
From: "Surface Engineering Forum Mailer" <>
with something like:

To complete the registration process on Surface Engineering Forum, you will need to go to the URL below in your web browser.

If the above link does not work correctly, go to

You will need to enter the following:
Username: Username
Activation Code: XaiYoTJq

Thank you,
Surface Engineering Forum Staff

Now you should be able to log on with your user name and password.

Go to:
[Image: reg4.gif]
[Image: usercp.gif]
Here you can set up your account and make changes to settings (if necessary) that you made during registration.

Should you have any problems, just email for help.

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