Intro, and a thank you >Viking<
06-07-2010, 06:06 AM,
Intro, and a thank you >Viking<
For now I need to just keep to a screen name.
I appreciate being allowed to join up.
I'm am not an engineer, but have a heavy R&D background

Heavy machining has payed my bills since plastic-injection mold-building
started sliding down-hill in midwest US around 2002.
Currantly I have been hired to help a manufactuter of
medium to large replacement Babbit bearings start doing
larger bearings. This company has lost most of it's Old-Skill
in the babbitt room, and the replacements have been guessing
their way along as nearly as I can tell.
So many bugs in the petri-dish now they are scratching their heads
as to why so many bearings are having bonding issues.

I have formed several conclusions, and been able to advance
and back-up a few, but I end up drawning unwelcome attention
in several directions, and now upper management.
I got my intro to Babbit a few years back employed by the ghost
of Allis Chalmers ( ReGENco). I'm hooked, I love both the science
of Babbitt and of (? Hydro-static and Hydro-dynamic lift).
I appolgise for my ignorance about proper terms on the later.
Also for my spelling.

I hope to be able to gain some sound factual knowledge here,
or at least meet a few folks who can point me to some "Old Masters"
of Babbitt and Babbitting. THIS because my researching locally
has turned up other struggling companies and indications from
customers that loss of Babbitting skills may be unfortunately common.

I don't expect to be as much a contributor as a collector of value
on this forum, but would be happy to be involved if any thought
a middle-aged seasoned machinst / tool-maker might be able to
provide some good input.

Thanks You
06-08-2010, 04:09 PM,
RE: Intro, and a thank you >Viking<
Hi Viking

Sign0016 to the Surface Engineering Forum.
08-19-2014, 07:51 PM,
RE: Intro, and a thank you >Viking<
Hi, I am interested in Babbitt bonding also, and I am inteested in what you might have learned.

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