APS for NiCrAlY(Amdry962) by SG100
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APS for NiCrAlY(Amdry962) by SG100
Hi Guys,

Glad to be here. Recently I met a problem for the APS NiCrAlY bond coat, there is too much unmelted particles when examined the microstructure. We use the Praxair coating system with SG100 plasma gun, the primary gas is Ar, secondary is He. Can you share your experience for this problem?

BTW, what is the "surface speed" and "step" for Amdry962 ? Do you also use these two parameters to calculate the rotation speed of turntable and gun feedrate of Robot ?
06-10-2013, 06:36 AM,
RE: APS for NiCrAlY(Amdry962) by SG100
No news about this ... who can help?
06-10-2013, 10:03 AM,
RE: APS for NiCrAlY(Amdry962) by SG100
This is a frequently problem, for SG100 Gun, I must update in Avio (GE) a gun SM F4 on the Praxair system, because they could not do a good coating, they try for many months to set parameters, an finally with F4 they could do a good coating setting.
That’s Ok, you must operate the reduction of the plasma gas speed, and is necessary to reduce the powder speed, with feed rate 46gr/min instead of 60, the best result were obtained using nitrogen as primary gas, but for aero industries, you must use Argon, it is very important to check the perfect electrode alignment, and a perfect alignment of the powder stream in the flame, this is do with accuracy, in order to eliminate unmelted particles, about speed, you must use a minimum of 75 meter/minute.
Best regards
06-27-2013, 04:00 PM,
RE: APS for NiCrAlY(Amdry962) by SG100
Hi Luigi,
Thanks for your reply.
Now I'm trying to spray with 80-85degrees to the sample in order to avoid too much rebound of powder during spraying. Will update the test information next week.

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