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Posted by Gordon England on October 12, 2003 at 01:35:31:

In Reply to: JK powders posted by Joe on October 11, 2003 at 02:10:41:

: Hello Mr. Gordon, it's Joe again. We have been applying JK 112 to some shafts using a plasma unit. The coating are coming out soft. I am not the operator of the unit, I mainly do spray and fuse coatings or Jet Kote, don't know the actual hardness of the finished product, the grinder operators say the coatings are soft. The powder size is 325D. My question, is it possible to spray the WC coatings with Plasma? Do we just need a different size powder? Is Plasma just superior for ceramics? I'm trying to learn all I can and you seem like the one to ask. Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe

Yes, tungsten carbide coatings can be applied using plasma spray and this method was the main way of applying them until HVOF arrived.

JK112 is primarily for HVOF use, but with careful selection of parameters, should produce reasonable coatings with plasma.

HVOF will generally provide much superior carbide coatings. Plasma can produce good coatings, but can be very technique dependent and requires very precise settings. If you are not using carefully optimised plasma parameters for JK112 I'm not surprised you are having problems. Use a powder graded for plasma spray with well established parameters for your equipment or preferably use your HVOF process.

Regards Gordon

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