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Galvanising and thermal spray zinc coatings are very similar in that they both provide very effective galvanic protection to iron and steel substrates. they will protect small adjacent un-coated areas and work without forming a 100% complete barrier to the environment as needed with many other paint/coating systems.

The advantage with thermal spray zinc coatings:
1. Life of coating is primarily effected by coating thickness/mass. Thermal spray coatings can be applied thicker and so extend life.
2. Can be applied to objects not suitable for hot dipping, on-site structures, low temperature process (substrate)
3. Rough texture can be better for accepting additional paint finish.

Advantages of galvanising:
1. Thermal spray is a line of sight process, so galvanising may be better for parts with complex shapes and out of sight areas.
2. Galvanising produces metallurgical bond, is denser and has a smooth finish.

Probably more pros and cons could be added.

Regards Gordon

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