Gordon England Thermal Spraying Coating Consultant

Gordon England Thermal Spray Coating Consultant

Gordon England

Independent Metallurgist and Consultant to the Thermal Spray Coating Industry

Kingfishers, Folly Lane North
Upper Hale, Farnham
Surrey, GU9 0HU

Telephone: +44 (0) 1252 405186

Gordon England Thermal Spray Coating Consultant business is now in it's 20th year of operation. The main services provided are in the selection, development and evaluation of thermal spray coating processes, coatings and related surface engineering technology.

The aim of the business is to provide a service to companies in need of independent expertise associated with thermal spray coating technology. Many of the larger thermal spray equipment and material suppliers are not interested in getting involved in the smaller scale coating development projects or trouble shooting unless there is an obvious sales return. Most independent metallurgical test house laboratories do not have any expertise in evaluating thermal spray coatings. Gordon England Thermal Spray Coating Consultant business is aimed at filling this gap.

Gordon England I.Eng., AMIM has been involved in surface engineering and metallurgical laboratories for the past 30 years. Prior to starting his own business he was employed by Metco for 12 years as metallurgist/process engineer. With detailed understanding for the thermal spray processes ( combustion wire, combustion powder, arc, plasma and HVOF ) and the metallographic evaluation of the coatings he is ideally suited to coating and process development.


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