you have more than one direction
06-06-2011, 08:04 AM,
you have more than one direction
The so-called universal joints, it refers to the use of spherical connection not achieve coaxial transmission mechanical structure of power, is bus had a very important components. Universal shaft, called the universal combined with transmission device. In front of a rear wheel drive car engine, transmission device installed in the transmission of universal output shaft and axles Lord reducer between input shaft; And lead the engine of the car front wheel drive shaft is omitted, universal joints installed in both responsible for driving and be responsible for steering the front axle half shaft between with wheels.
Universal joints namely universal joints, English name have universal, which is part of the power transfer variable Angle, used to need to change the transmission axis position, it is the universal car driving system transmission device "joint" components. Universal shaft, called the universal combined with transmission device. The structure and function of universal a bit like human limbs joints, it allows is connected between the parts of the Angle within the scope of certain and change. To meet the power transmission, adapt to turning and produced during vehicle running the fluctuation caused by changes in the Angle of beating, front drive cars, half axle and wheel drive connected between common universal. But because the restrictions by axial dimensions, demanding more single joints cannot make output shaft and shaft into the shaft instantaneous angular velocity equal, easy to cause the vibration, parts of the damage, and intensifying produce very big noise, so widely adopted various constant velocity joins.
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RE: you have more than one direction
Yes this ambiguity could be held on that you don't know what the exact direction you going toward.
This is nice thread and its helpful to me.

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