what is TGO layer in TBC?
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what is TGO layer in TBC?
Hi Gordon,
we installed two system including HVOF and 9mb plasma, in 15 days time we are planing to start coating.?am nem in thermal sprey, and ? have learn o lots of thing, ? have already read much more but ? can not understand TGO layer. Can you please explain this layer? what is the tickness of this layer? anyth?ng about this layer?

thanks a lotgood work
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RE: what is TGO layer in TBC?
Hi Berlin

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TGO I believe stands for "Thermally Grown Oxide" and basically, is an oxide layer that forms between the the metallic bond coat and ceramic top coat due to oxidation of the bond coat at high temperatures. The formation, growth and properties of this layer can be an important influence the overall performance and life of the thermal barrier coating system.
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RE: what is TGO layer in TBC?
Hi Berlin

The thickness of TGO layers could be from nanometres to possibly the whole thickness of the bond coat layer. I have seen in the case of some of the older TBC systems where the NiCrAl bond coat has almost completely converted to oxide in service (only 5 -10% metal left), surprisingly with the top coat intact.
07-20-2008, 09:01 PM,
RE: what is TGO layer in TBC?
Hi Berlin

Just thought to give a few links that mention TGO, though mainly with reference to EB-PVD TBCs (Electron-beam physical vapour deposition) process.



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