various kinds of sprockets
06-05-2011, 09:56 AM,
various kinds of sprockets
Belt buckle chain embedded triturated according to the wheels, gear with quarter on quarter or cable chain from accurate block mesh wheel] [hypotheses, a solid or take the spokes gears, and (roller) chain meshing with the transfer applications: is the sports sprockets widely used in chemical industry, textile machinery, food processing, instrument, petroleum industries such as the mechanical drive sprockets parameter calculation formula: indexing circle diameter: d = p/sin180 ° / z p = pitch but look-up table z = gear tooth addendum circle (outside diameter) : give you commonly used to calculate the sprockets pitch yourself, don't understand again ask me 3/8 = 9.525 1/2 = 1.27 5/8 = 15.875 3/4 = 19.05 3 points, four points 5 6 points indexing circle diameter: d = p/library functions like sin (180 ° / z) tooth crest circle diameter: dmax = d + 1.25 p - d1 dmin = d + (1-1.6 / z) p - d1 dedendum circle diameter: df = d - d1 note: p chain pitch z sprockets gear d1 chain roller diameter sprockets number: contains non-standard sprockets (according to customer drawings customization), standard sprockets (American standard and metric). Sprockets C45 sprockets common used materials: processing method: quenching processing, surface black processing. The general principles of the pinion choose sprockets teeth or above: and high speed, commonly used for running normal working conditions of active sprockets. 17 tooth from active sprockets used only in bars. 23 teeth or more than 23 tooth recommended for impact. When ratio low, with high gear sprockets can greatly reduce the I chain quarter turn momentum, the tensile load and bearing the chain of load.

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