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The function of the transformer basically have: voltage transform; Current transformation, and the impedance transformation; Isolation; (magnetic saturation voltage transformer); The comments relative; High voltage transformer (dry and oil-immersed transformer), commonly used the iron core is general shape E type and C iron core, XED type, ED type CD type. According to the purposes of transformer can be divided into: distribution transformer, electric power transformer, the seal transformer, combined transformer, dry type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, single-phase transformer, electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, reactor, anti-interference transformer, lightning protection transformer, box type transformer test transformer, corner transformer, large current transformer, excitation transformer. The most basic type of the transformer, including two groups of wire coil around a, and each other by inductance way says $together. When a ac current (which has a certain the known frequency) one of superficial coil, in another group will have the same induction coil out of frequency ac voltage, and the voltage induced depends on the size of two coil coupling and into the degree of magnetic chain. Generally refers to connect ac power of the coil called it "a coil" (Primary coil); And in this coil voltage across the called it "a voltage". In secondary coil of induced voltage may be greater or less than a voltage, is by the first coil and secondary coil between "circle number than" of the decision. Therefore, transformer and step-down transformer (divided into two. Most of the transformer are fixed, the core around once and secondary coil. Based on the high guide magnetic iron materials, most of the solar core is limited in, so, two groups of coil through which can get quite high levels of magnetic coupling.

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