surface treatment of Pistols
01-08-2010, 11:36 AM,
surface treatment of Pistols
[/size][/font]Assalam o Alaikum

CAn any one guide me how the surface treatment of Pistols (also Known as BLUING) is carried out ?

What are the chemicals and what is the procedure to perform Bluing ?
01-08-2010, 05:47 PM,
RE: surface treatment of Pistols
Hi Sadaqat

Peace be unto you.

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The term "bluing" I think is a rather generic term - treating a surface to aquire a blue colouration. Oxidation/passivation treatment on steels using heat, chemical or electrochemical treatments. Also come across term with respect to applying blue laquers for highlighting scribe marks and checking fits and flatness.

What material is your pistons made from? and what is purpose/function of treatment?
01-09-2010, 11:35 AM,
RE: surface treatment of Pistols
Thanks dear for your comments.

Basically it is a process of colouring the pistols.
The colour is not blue, rather it is a black colour with bluish etch. It is so called Bluing due to Blue Black appearance of the pistols.
01-09-2010, 05:37 PM,
RE: surface treatment of Pistols
Hi Sadaqat

Ashamed0002 I think I need to wear my reading glasses - interpreted pistols as pistons Cool If we are talking firearms/guns, then I suggest searching "gun bluing"

One process (I know as chemical blacking) uses a boiling solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and water.

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