stop wasting water
06-04-2011, 12:16 PM,
stop wasting water
Check valve: generally divided into lifting type, swing, butterfly and diaphragm style, etc several types. Movements kai-check China valve structure general and globe valves, the disc is similar to line along the channel for lifting movement, reliable operation, but fluid resistance, suitable for large caliber occasion. Light Movements kai-check China valve can straight-through type and vertical two kinds. Straight-through type lift check general can only be installed in a horizontal pipe, and vertical lift check valve is installed in vertical lines. Kai xuan-check valve disc shaft rotates around the sport. Its fluid resistance generally less than movements kai-check China valve, it is suitable for large caliber occasion. Swing check valves according to the number of the disc can be divided into single swing, double disc swing and disc swing 3 kinds. Single swing check valves are generally applicable to medium caliber occasion. Large diameter pipeline choose single swing check valves, to reduce water hammer pressure, had better use can reduce water hammer pressure hydraulic slowly-closing check valves. Double disc swing check valves are used YuDaZhong diameter pipeline. Double disc to clip a swing check valve structure small, lightweight, is a rapid developing check; Many disc swing check valves are suitable for large diameter pipeline. Butterfly check valve structure similar to butterfly valve. Its simple structure, small flow resistance, water hammer pressure also smaller. The diaphragm type check valve has a variety of structure form, all use the diaphragm as on-off pieces, because its waterproof hammer performance is good, simple structure, low cost, in recent years has developed rapidly. But the diaphragm type of check valves by using temperature and pressure of restrictions. Diaphragm materials

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