something about sprockets in car
06-05-2011, 09:40 AM,
something about sprockets in car
Common sprockets end tooth shape (see figure 1. It is by the three-section circular arc, CDS and a straight line for BC constitute, abbreviation 3 arc - straight tooth shape. Tooth shape with standard tools machining, working drawing on the sprockets tooth shape, not only draw end in figure marked "tooth shape according to 3RGB1244-85 provisions can, but creating" shaft side should draw sprockets tooth shape, see chart 2, its size refer to the relevant design manual. Parameter calculation had mentioned, do not do in front of repeated narrative! 2. The sprockets structure chart 3 for four common sprockets structures. Small diameter is made of sprockets (figure 3a) single-piece, medium diameter sprockets, made more solar panel for easy handling, loading card and weight loss, in a hole on solar panels, large diameter sprockets but make it combined-type (FIG. 3d), right now gear ring and wheel core with various materials manufacturing! For example C45, stainless steel etc. 3. The sprockets materials sprockets material should ensure cog have enough strength and wear resistance, so the sprockets tooth face generally after heat treatment, so as to meet the certain hardness.

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