problems in transmission
06-06-2011, 09:01 AM,
problems in transmission
Transmission belts runtime conveyer belt running deviation is one of the most common faults. Snaking many causes, the main reason is to install low accuracy and routine maintenance poor. Installation process, the head and tail roller, intermediate roller as far as possible in the same center between online, and mutual parallel, to ensure the transmission belts not turning or less partial. In addition, scallops connector must be correct, both sides should be the same. Perimeter In use process, if appear, then will be running deviation below check to determine the reasons, to adjust. Transmission belts snaking often check parts and treatment methods are: (1) check roller with belt conveyor lateral centerlines of longitudinal center of coincidence degree. If not, the coincidence degree value more than 3mm should use roller groups on both sides of the long form for its mounting holes adjustment. (2) check head, tail frame installation of the bearing the deviation of the two surfaces. If two flat deviation should is more than 1mm and two adjustment plane in the same plane inside. The head of roller is that if transmission belts adjustment method to the right of the drum drum running deviation, the bearing on the right side of the forward movement or left the bearing should be moved; If left to roller transmission belts running deviation, the roller bearing on the left of the forward movement bearing or right shall be moved. The tail roller adjustment methods and head roller is just the opposite. (3) to examine materials on the carousel of position. Materials in a transmission belts cross section center will result in transmission belts not running deviation. If material is on the right side, partial belt running deviation to the left, and vice versa. To reduce or avoid such conveyer belt running deviation can increase block stripper plate and change direction and location of material.

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