pipe introduction
06-15-2011, 03:18 PM,
pipe introduction
Pipeline, pipe connection with the pipe is a and valve and connection of a used to transport gas, liquid or solid particles with the fluid device. Usually, the blower, fluid of compressor, pump and boilers, from the pressurized pipeline in high pressure low-pressure place, also can use fluid their stress or gravity transportation. The purpose of the pipeline is extensive, basically use in water supply, water drainage, heat supply, gas supply, long distance transport oil and natural gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and all kinds of industrial devices. When the fluid flow, the size of the pipe diameter known depends on the velocity or allowed friction resistance (pressure drop). When velocity small diameter, but the pressure drop value increase. If, in addition, velocity, and may bring some too other negative factors. So should be based on the construction investment and pipe diameter operation cost and other technical factors comprehensive consideration of the decision. The pipe, tube connection parts, valve and equipment of pass in and out of the connection between took over, the fluid nature of the method, the pressure, and the temperature and the pipe material, size and installation, the main factors such as place of decision threaded connections, flange connection, socket connection and welding of four kinds of methods. Threaded connection is mainly used in the small diameter pipeline. This connection method is simple, and can be removed, but must be in the pipeline heavily the proper place of the installation, in order to live joint tear open outfit. Flange connection pipe diameter of the applicable range is very large.
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RE: pipe introduction
I read out your interesting and informative post.This is a very useful thread that will be referenced long into the future.
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RE: pipe introduction
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