penetration by glue into the coating
09-09-2016, 08:38 AM,
penetration by glue into the coating
Hello, i need an opinion about BST, how deep can penetrate the glue into the coating? The metalic coating manufactured by plasma or hvof (dense with max. porosity 5%). I wonder about the legitimacy of testing the coating with thickness about 150-200um. Is it possible that the glue can penetrate until the base material? In my opinion is not possible, but i've met with different opinion. Additionally i need to understand how deep can penetrate the sealant, for example METCOSEAL.

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09-11-2016, 05:51 PM,
RE: penetration by glue into the coating
Plasma and HVOF are quite different coatings.
Pores in the plasma coating will be interconnected in most of the cases. Could glue penetrate 150 mkm deep?
Normally - no. You could see the level of penetration in some microstructures, and it is not deep.
HVOF coating will have as-sprayed porosity at the surface level, but good HVOF or HVAF coating will have close to zero porosity below.
So you will not have a chance to reach the substrate with a glue.
There is an instrument to test gas permeability of different coatings, which could help to predict possible level of sealant penetration (and possible corrosion and wear resistance!)
09-12-2016, 09:07 AM,
RE: penetration by glue into the coating
thanks a lot! I have one more question. The same coating sprayed with the same parameters in the same condition, but with different thickness (for ex. 0,2mm and 2 mm) should have the same bond strength? Regards

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