opening blocked cooling holes in Stage 1 gas turbine blades
02-24-2017, 10:28 PM,
opening blocked cooling holes in Stage 1 gas turbine blades
hi all,
anyone can share the way of opening blocked cooling holes
in turbine blades? usually, I am using air grinder with small filler wire
to remove blocked cooling holes ,which has blocked by mud or while grit blasting.

please let me know is there any machine or special method

Cheers, krishz
03-04-2017, 07:44 AM,
RE: opening blocked cooling holes in Stage 1 gas turbine blades
Hi Krishz

I usually recommend ultrasonic cleaner which are proven effective to remove metal fines and others dirties from small holes, specially when clean operation through holes or blind holes, are particularly difficult to manually clean or it take too much time to remove manually, ultrasonic cavitation, in contrast, can access all surfaces or holes immersed in the biodegradable ultrasonic solution, the secret is using the correct ultrasonic frequency and correctly parts positioning in the cleaning bath, so the ultrasonic waves can blast away contaminants in the holes, I did many process installation and training where process required an ultrasonic after blasting or coating waves cleaning, like several aeronautical parts, both after blasting and after coatings, plungers for Glass industries, mold threated holes, you could contact a local ultrasonic waves producer, in order to set up one with appropriate power an directional ultrasonic waves you need, could you please post the holes dimention and quantity, and maybe a foto?.
Best regards

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