multifuctional joints
06-06-2011, 08:13 AM,
multifuctional joints
In the front drive cars, each with two half shaft constant velocity joins the variable, near the drive axle of the half shaft are universal joint is a universal, near the is half axle shaft lateral universal joints.
The structure and function of universal a bit like human limbs universal joints, it allows is connected between the parts of the Angle within the scope of certain and change. To meet the power transmission, adapt to turning and produced during vehicle running the fluctuation caused by changes in the Angle of beating, front drive cars, half axle and wheel drive connected between common universal. But because the restrictions by axial dimensions, demanding more and single universal joints cannot make output shaft and shaft into the shaft instantaneous angular velocity equal, easy to cause the vibration, parts of the damage, and intensifying produce very big noise, so widely adopted various constant velocity joins. On the drive cars, engine, clutch and transmission as a whole, and installed in the frame by frame drive axle of elastic suspension connecting with a distance, both between, need to undertake connection. Auto operation of pavement produces jumpy, rough load variation or two assembly installed, will make poor bits with output shaft drive transmission main reducer input shaft Angle and distance between changes in drive the car, so universal form with double gimbal transmission shaft, is a universal at each end shaft, its effect is made on both ends of the Angle, thus ensuring the output shaft is equal with input shaft instantaneous angular velocity always equal.

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