learner on thermal spraying
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learner on thermal spraying
Hello all,
I am new to this and will like to start from the beginning on what are the standard settings for the following equipment.

Sulzer Metco control panel 1996 , serial number 01960027.
twin 10-2 power feeds .
ABB Robotics .
Gun 3MBM.

The powders that i will be using are the following,
bonding 450ns { what is the best thickness in thou ?}
top coat 58ns .

The gun has a single powder injector which is 5mm in front of nozzle and 5mm above aperture , with nozzle number GH 8D.
The nozzle also has two air jet cooling,at which angle are these best set at?

Next questions,
1 standard plasm argon setting.
2 standard plasma hydrogen setting.
3 carrier line gas setting.
4 powder feed setting.

I also have nozzles " G " and " GP "

on the powder feeds what is the recommended powder spreader and suction , at the moment a set of L16/1,2 is fitted.

I would be very gratefull if you can help on this matter and also with any future assistance on how to run plasma spray equipment.


Sorry forgot to mention what is the standard air pressure for the cooling jets ?
12-24-2008, 04:45 PM,
RE: learner on thermal spraying
Hi Graham

Sign0016 to the Surface Engineering Forum.

First, I would recommend having the following documents to hand:

3MB gun manual
Twin 10-2 powder feeder manual
The old Metco Technical bulletins for 58NS and 450NS powders
Sulzer Metco product sheets for 58NS and 450NS powders
Customer or relevant aerospace standards, specifications and procedures.

As far as standard settings or parameters are concerned, this will depend on whether your customer specifies specific parameters/procedures or whether you have a free hand in selection. Usually, parameters are based around those recommended by the equipment manufacturer/powder supplier, which you should find in the above documents. Sorry if that sounds like I'm passing the buck and just telling you to refer to the manuals, but you will find the majority of information there.

Sounds like your at the beginning of steep learning curve Smile enjoy. You may come across problems or confusion with a few settings where your specific equipment is different to those covered by the parameters. The most likely, are gas flow settings, where parameter sets may list gas flows in old "Metco Flow Meter Readings". These settings are only relevant to specific equipment like 3MB, 7MB, 9MB guns, 7MC control units, 3MP, 4MP powder feeder units etc.. Where your equipment may require gas flow settings in SCFH or NLPM, flow conversions will be necessary.

Jim (TurbineRepair) I believe is a work colleague of yours Smile You will probably find some useful threads on this forum from Jim and others. Get some training, read the manuals and some practical use of the process and I'm sure you will find a few questions to ask that the manuals don't answer (hopefully we can Happy0193)

Your probably starting to enjoy Christmas celebrations now, have a good one Smile
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RE: learner on thermal spraying
Hello ,
Still confused on this one main point,with twin 10-2 powder feeds,metco 58ns tech bulletin has no mention on the size of the suction cups and spreaders for applying the fore mentioned coating , as this is quite a critical in the amount being applied i would of thought that this would be part of the parameters in the tech bulletin.
Or is there some where else i should be looking for this info,

12-29-2008, 03:32 PM,
RE: learner on thermal spraying
Hi Graham

Sorry, can't advise on which suction/spreader part is best. I'm sure we must have some members that regularly use twin 10s and hopefully they can advise. The older Metco technical bulletins did not cover Plasma Technik powder feeders. Metco and Plasma Technik were competitive companies, until absorbed by Sulzer Metco ~ 13 years ago. More recent Sulzer Metco product bulletins may include that info though.

The critical powder feed parameters though, are powder feed rate, carrier gas flow and powder port type with a smooth consistent feed. So you could just try to see which suction/spreader parts achieve these parameters best. As long as these parameters are met and the feed is smooth and consistent, the feeder itself is not that important.
12-29-2008, 04:29 PM,
RE: learner on thermal spraying
Thanks Gordon,
Will wait for some new spares to arrive before having a go.


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