how to catch a butterfly
06-03-2011, 03:15 PM,
how to catch a butterfly
Butterfly valve operating torque, for opening and valve opening and closing its value direction different different, horizontal butterfly valve, especially large diameter valve, due to water depth, valve shaft, launching the torque developed by head difference also nots allow to ignore. In addition, the valve inlet side device, forming deviation, when elbow. There will be increased moment When the valve is in middle opening, because water flow torque role, operating agencies need self-locked.
The butterfly plate wafer butterfly valves installed in the diameter of pipe direction. In the butterfly valves body cylindrical channel in the butterfly plate, disc shaped around the axis rotation, rotation Angle for 0 ° - 90 °, 90 ° between rotated to, the valve is brand wide open position. The wafer butterfly valve is simple in structure, small volume, light weight, only by a few parts. And just rotate it 90 ° can quick opening and closing, simple operation, meanwhile, the valve has good fluid control characteristic. Butterfly valve is in full open position, butterfly plate thickness is medium flows through the body, so the only resistance generated through the valve pressure drop is small, it has better flow control properties. Butterfly valves have elastic sealing and metal sealing two seal type.

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