hardness not high enough, how to treat again?
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hardness not high enough, how to treat again?
Hello everybody,

here is the problem:

2 anvils (as used in roller hemming process) were supposed to be hardened to HRC 55.
After carrying out some hardness testing, I found an average hardness of 50 HRC and some places as low as HRC 42.
The company responsible for the treatment has obviously used a flame hardening process which is not very reliable and messed up.

Is there an "easy" way of improving the hardness of those hemming beds?, taking into account that:
?? - Toolings are already install in the customer's workshop, and cannot be move into an oven or anywhere else
?? - They are made of MoCr cast steel
?? - customer will check the hardness with a standard Rockwell C tester, so bulk hardness is not mandatory...

Is a second flame hardening possible? or wouldn't it make things worse i.e. soften the surface?

02-13-2007, 05:13 PM,
RE: hardness not high enough, how to treat again?
Hi j603avo

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Sorry. I can't think of any "easy" way to re-heat treat or surface treat these components while installed in equipment.

Re-flame hardening (and tempering) should be possible, though probably best to seek advice from the steel manufacturer/supplier. Difficult to comment on whether this is a practical proposition with component installed in machine though.
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RE: hardness not high enough, how to treat again?
Hi kerchey

(09-02-2009, 07:09 AM)kerchey Wrote: I accede to you Gordon that re-flame hardening (and tempering) should be possible, admitting apparently best to seek admonition from the animate manufacturer/supplier.

Patio furniture

Feels like Sign0014 to me. Please prove me wrong or I will delete your posts and ban you from SEF.

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