great change
06-06-2011, 12:42 PM,
great change
The fluid piping and the selection of the electromagnetic valve must be in the medium series model calibration consistent solenoid valves
. Fluid temperature must be smaller than choose electromagnetic valve calibration temperature. Electromagnetic valve allows liquid viscosity, more than 20CST below in commonly 20CST should be explained. Operating differential pressure pipeline, the most in less than 0.04 MPa high-pressure difference when should choose as ZQDF ZS, 2W ZCM series, etc, and step e-style and e-style; Minimum work than 0.04 MPa pressure difference when can choose pilot type (differential pressure) solenoid valves; The highest operating differential pressure should be less than electromagnetic valve's biggest calibration pressure; General solenoid valves are one-way work, so should pay attention to whether have the pressure difference, if installation check valves. Fluid is not high cleanness-degree when in electromagnetic valve should be installed ahead of filters, general electromagnetic valve is better for medium requirements cleanness. Note flow aperture and takeover diameter; Electromagnetic valve usually only switch the two control; Conditions allow please install by-pass pipe, facilitate maintenance; When a water hammer to customize electromagnetic valve opening and closing the time regulation. Note the environment temperature on the influence of electromagnetic valve power consumption the source current and shall be selected according to the output capacity, the power supply voltage generally allow + 10%, must pay attention to the exchange value higher starting VA. General solenoid valves not waterproof, in conditions are not allowed, please choose waterproof model factory can make to order. The highest calibration electromagnetic valve nominal pressure must exceed the maximum pressure pipeline, otherwise, use life will shorten or produce other accidents.

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