from high to low
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from high to low
In some transformer, coil between them and the iron core is tightly integrated, one time and the ratio of secondary voltage almost and two coil circle number are the same. Therefore, the circle number, transformer than general can be used as the reference or step-down transformer boost index. Because this boost and step-down transformer, the function that has become one of the important modern power system, improve the transmission voltage makes attachments to the long distance transmission of electricity more economic, as for a step-down transformer, it makes the power use more diversified, it can be said that no transformer, modern industrial real cannot reach the present development of the status. In addition to the electronic transformer with minor volume, in power transformer and electronic transformer, and between them no clear division. Generally provide 50 Hz ac power source are very large network, it can be half a continent area covers as large capacity. Electronic devices, power limits is usually limited by rectification, amplification, and other components of the system, including some part of ability to enlarge the power, but such as electric power system and power generation capacity comparison, it still belongs to the scope of small electric power.
Transformer and the use of, is experimental test transformer, can be divided into inflatable respectively, oil-immersed dry type transformer, such experiment, is power plants, power supply bureau and scientific research institutions from the masses of users to do withstand test basic test of communication equipment, through a national quality supervision bureau of standards, used to all kinds of electric products, electrical components, insulation materials by the insulation strength test voltage
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RE: from high to low
Thanks a lot for this post!
I'm new at the forum and I really appreciate this info, it was very helpful for me!

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