electronic times
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electronic times
Solenoid valves are made of electromagnetic control industrial equipment, used in industrial control system in the direction, the flow adjustment medium speed, and other parameters. Solenoid valves are controlled by electromagnetic effect, the main control methods from relay control. So, electromagnetic solenoid valves can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the desired control, and control precision and flexibility can guarantee. Electromagnetic solenoid valves has a lot of kinds, different electromagnetic solenoid valves in the control system of different position into play, most commonly used is to check and safety solenoid valves, direction control solenoid valves, speed regulator, etc.
Germany LIT solenoid valves have airtight chamber, in different locations have through-hole, each holes are leads to different solenoid valves
Among the tubing, cavity is two sides is solenoid valves, the magnet coil, which electromagnets powering the body will be attracted to which side of the solenoid valves body, through the control to block or moving the leaks out different exhibit JinYou hole, and is often open, the hydraulic oil will enter the different row of tubing, and then through the oil pressure to push oil cylinder piston, piston, piston rod driving and driving the piston rod mechanical device move. So the electricity flow by controlling the electromagnet broken took control of mechanical motion. Principle: electricity, electromagnetic coils magnetic to generate electricity from the closed a mention, the valve open seats; Without electricity, electromagnetic force disappeared, the closed a pressure in the spring on the seat, valve shut off. Features: in vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure can work normally, but size usually less than 25 mm.

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