efficient car
06-16-2011, 06:17 AM,
efficient car
The car engine number of cylinders used 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cylinder. 1 litres of the engine displacement commonly used three cylinders (such as xiali 7100), 1-2.5 liters is commonly 4 cylinder engines, 3 liters for 6 cylinder engine general, 4 liters for 8 cylinders, 5.5 litres in 12 cylinder engines. According to the arrangement of the engine, and can be divided into 12 cylinder engines have W type (such as mass fai W12, audi A8W12) who, V type 12 cylinder engine (such as Benz S600, BMW 760), 8 W type cylinder engines (such as passat project.it), V type 8 cylinder engines (such as the new audi A6L4. 2), level to the six cylinder engine (today), baruch forest V type 6 cylinder engines, inline five cylinder engine and inline four-cylinder engine, etc. Generally speaking, in the same cylinder size, number of cylinders, the greater the power, the more displacement is higher; In the same emissions, the more number of cylinders, cylinder size is smaller, speed can improve, to get bigger promotion power. Generally speaking, the same displacement cases, valve, the more the better efficiency exhaust, like a man running, was catching his breath, need a wide mouth breathing. The traditional engine is more each cylinder a into valve and a door, the two exhaust valve with gas institutions relatively simple, manufacturing cost low, maintenance up relatively easier. Also For the output power demand is not too high for the common engines, two valve can get a more satisfactory engine output power and torque performance.

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