drying enamel problem
03-03-2009, 02:29 PM,
drying enamel problem
hey there guys.. when i found this forum i thought you were my only chance to solve a problem
here it goes...
i have to solve a drying problem in an enamelling facility... attached is the picture that describes the type of the products that are dipped into an enamel slip (60% powder, 40% water), which needs to be 100% dryed before it is fired in the enamelling furnace. My problem:
everything has to be 100% dry
150-170 degrees celsius for 10 minutes
all the steam has to be put out of the chamber and fast, because if it condenses in any way or stays around the enamelled products, it removes some powder paint or coating from the product, making it useless
i have to design and make the drying oven in a matter of days Sad
how would you install the heaters and what sort? infrared? where? on all the walls AND the door AND the bottom of the drying oven?
Air intake and out? Install a chimney of some sort? I have seen that people talk about some sort of "vent condensers", but my problem is that not a single drop of the condens from the steam coming out of the products can fall onto the product Sad
would you suggest an aditional 50 centimeters or so to be "empty" at the top of the chamber where the steam would go, not to be arround the products?

if you have any other questions regarding the subject, please ask... I have no skills on the given subject and am begging for your help
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03-04-2009, 04:24 PM,
RE: drying enamel problem
Ho ch0ban

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Sorry, not expert on oven design. I assume your problem is on the initial heat up, where due to uneven heating of the part load ie hot areas give off water vapour only to condense on cooler areas, diluting slip and causing it to run. The secret I think is in even heating, a fan assisted circulation should help, with some adjustable venting. Using hot air blowers so that the water vapour is quickly removed is a possibility, but very wasteful energy wise.

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