corrosion protection of potable water pipelines
11-29-2007, 04:25 PM,
corrosion protection of potable water pipelines
I would like to have some information abuot the feasibility of
metalization application to inner surfaces of potable water pipelines.

Is it possible to aplly metalization on internal surfaces of potable
water pipelines, is there any health related drawbacks, if application is
possible what type of wire do you recomend?

Is there any similar application that can be refered to?

Can you please spcify the related standards?

Umran Basak GULEKEN

Materials and Metallurgical Engineer
11-29-2007, 06:47 PM,
RE: corrosion protection of potable water pipelines
Hi Basakglkn

Sign0016 to the Surface Engineering forum.

Zinc or aluminium coatings are probably the best choice. Zinc particularly for hard water and aluminium for very soft or slightly acidic water or temperatures above 42 C. Coatings should not be sealed with traditional sealers and are best left as-sprayed. I have not come across any health related drawbacks of contamination of potable water from either of these unsealed coatings. The coatings are recommended for fresh water storage tanks.

The feasibility of coating internal surface of pipes will very much depend on internal diameter and length as the process is line of sight.

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