coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
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coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?

I have problems with my diploma work.
So, what I have at this moment.

I spray coatings Ni 80 % Cr 20 % and WC- 12 % Co together(for good adhesion).
The task is to fight with wearing.

And my diploma's idea is to compact this coatings by means of pressure contact welding.

So, my question - help me to find simple examples of possible application. Because our researchings were theoretical first of all but my tutor requires practical applications.

It's not the question of good or bad - I just need to give real examples.

May be shafts of aircraft landing gears? Of course, there is used HVOF but I can say it's just another new method, why not.

The bottom line, please, give me possible detailed examples if you know.

Thanks a lot.

I mean, not say *part of engine*, but really detailed example. With picture will be better off)
04-24-2012, 12:59 AM,
RE: coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
There is a shaft on one of the big OEM engine series that calls for a similar repair with up to .020" NiCrAl HVOF base coat followed by up to .015" of WC-17% Co via HVOF.

The problem with your asking for "details" is we in the aerospace industry are bound by confidential agreements with the OEM. So, respectfully, please do not ask us for highly detailed examples with pictures and so forth, we simply cannot provide it.
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RE: coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
I meant just common examples. For instance, on which part of shaft do you use HVOF? In my diploma I need to just show possible zones. Because I couldn't find good pictures over the Internet.

And shafts are not the only thing I am looking for.

I have already chosen something like plungers used in mining machines. That's simple. You have surface which has friction. And OK, you sprayed the coating.

And in your industry on which part you spray... It's common engineering question. Not industrial spying))
04-24-2012, 04:07 PM,
RE: coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
May be you can say about bearings used in the oil and gas industry? Because I've read they use wearproof materials as coatings.
May be WC-Co?

But I know that for bearings we actually use antifrictional materials. Help me to understand)
04-24-2012, 05:50 PM,
RE: coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
If you could use your technique to coat the inside of a pipe and get a very dense coating, that would be very useful. Also, if you can find a way to join 2 coated parts with this technique without destroying the coating, it would enable people to build more complex assemblies with simple coated parts. For instance, a heat sink built with this technique could withstand sand abrasion in a desert.
05-07-2012, 02:49 PM,
RE: coatings WC-Co - applications in my case?
I used to coat a similar composition on shafts for helicopters. We would hit several bearing journals. I think that was 83-17 WC Co though.

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