chiller location
04-03-2019, 04:03 PM,
chiller location
Hi everyone.
I run a JP5000 and we have a 29 tonne chiller to keep the gun temperature down. Currently we have our chiller in a 50ft trailer, and in the summer it gets very HOT in the trailer(up to 49°C).In the summer we have the trailer doors wide open and we are moving a lot of hot air out of the trailer with powerful fans and we have vents in the trailer roof above the chiller. Still it gets very hot in the trailer. Our climate is often quite humid which doesnt help. Twice I have had catastrophic events from overheating the JP5000. I am very concerned of having the chiller in a trailer. To add to my concerns, we are going to purchase another system running JP5000 and that requires another 29 tonne chiller. My company plans to put a 2nd chiller in the same trailer beside the other chiller. My bosses dont like the idea of keeping the chiller in the main shop which is 3250sq ft because of the noise level and because of the heat it would bring into the main shop.

My question is: 1. What are some alternatives to having the chiller in a 50ft trailer
2. Or if your chiller is in your main shop, how are you venting the hot air out. Does it heat up your shop a lot?
3. Im curious to know where other companies keep their chillers and how do you deal with the temperatures?
4. Is anyone else also keeping their chiller in a trailer? Does it cause you any problems?

I greatly appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

04-11-2019, 03:15 AM,
RE: chiller location
hi Abe, 29 tons is about 100 kw of cooling. I think you will need to increase that to about 130 kw or more.

1. alternatives are under a canopy as per image
2. chiller is better outside with plenty of ventilation
3. see attached
4. never seen in a trailer if the temperature is high, simply need more ventilation

attachment courtesy of Frigel Manual

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