check and balance
06-04-2011, 11:59 AM,
check and balance
Check valve: 25 - popup stop-check valves also called one-way valve or non-return valve, and its function is to prevent the backflow medium pipeline. Water pump bibulous shut bottom valve also belong to check valve class. Opening and closing pieces by medium flow and power to open or closed to prevent the backflow medium called check valve. Check valve belong to automatic valve class, mainly for the medium of pipelines, one-way flow only allowed to medium flows in one direction, in order to prevent accidents. Check Valve: (according to the structure, can be divided into China Valve, swing check valves and butterfly Check Valve 3 kinds. China valve can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds. Swing check valves are divided into single type, double disc type and many disc type 3 kinds. Butterfly check valve as straight-through type, the above several check valve in connection form can be divided into threaded connections, flange connection and welding 3 kinds. Check Valve installation 1 what should notice the following in the pipeline, don't make Check Valve withstand weight, large Check Valve shall be independent support, make do not suffer tube system produces pressure effects. 2, when installation, the direction of medium flow should be attention with body have ticket arrow direction. Three, lift type vertical disc check valves should be installed in a vertical line.

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