after sale service
06-13-2011, 10:26 AM,
after sale service
After-sales service, which is in after sell all kinds of services provided. From the sales promotion to see, after-sales service itself is also a marketing tool. Follow up the stage in tracking, sales people to take various forms of cooperation, through the after-sale service to steps to improve the enterprise prestige of products and expand the market share, improve work efficiency and benefit of selling.
After-sales service, it is to point to the production enterprise, dealers, the product (or service) sales to consumers, to provide consumers after a series of service is the objective
In the fierce market competition today, with the increasing awareness of the consumers and the changes in the concept of consumption, consumers in purchasing products, not only pay attention to product entity itself, in the similar product quality and performance similar circumstances, more importance to product after-sales service. Therefore, the enterprise in the offer the good and cheap products at the same time, to offer consumers perfect after-sale service, has become a modern enterprise market a new focus of competition. China, have haier group for after-sales service, and sales to rise steadily's case.
Objectively speaking, the high quality post-sale service is the product of brand service economy, famous brand product post-sale service often better than hybrid product. Famous brand of the price of the product brand enterprise service center
Case of general prep above, on the one hand, the inferior brand based on the cost of product and quality, but also because of the famous brand product sales strategies have considered after-sales service costs.

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