acetylene flow limits for flame spray metco 6c
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acetylene flow limits for flame spray metco 6c
Does anybody know of a successful fuel flow rate setting to utilize that can help determine the capacities of an acetylene cylinder at cooler outside temperatures. I have gotten data that suggests 10% of the capacity of the cylinder per hour and also 17% of the capacity per hour. Real time data is all over the place at different outside atmospheric temperatures once it reaches 69 degrees but as soon as it gets 65 degrees f outside and I am flowing the required 55 scfh part parameters for a full 20 minutes. I cannot determine the tank capacity because the psi gauges a loss of 50 psi instead of the normal .7 to 1.5 at warmer outside (above 74 degrees f) temps. We have tank blankets that are installed on the tanks but the heating elements are not connected to a power source. I am required to monitor the psi gauge and stop when the readings reach a certain value and recertify the gas by spraying a new control sampling coupon on every set of tanks that the process utilizes. Is there a chart or graph available out there that shows the withdraw rates for a 390 cu ft cylinders at colder temperatures. What would be a good method to determine when the cylinders require changeout when they are cold.
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RE: acetylene flow limits for flame spray metco 6c

We've some experiences with C2H2 high flow rates (80-100 liter/min). Work with high flow rates as specially occur some problems. First one is acetone problem. If you have to use high flow rates with acetylene you have to calculate max flow/acetylene bottle. If I remember correctly you have to get max 15 l/min per acetylene bottle. Other problem is you cant calculate acetylene how much more in the bottle with checking pressure. Couse acetylene bottles have porous sponge in their selfs and acetylene gas impregnated this porous sponge. So you can only calculate weigh if you want to know how much you used. Generally acetylene bottles get 9 kg c2h2 (if the bottle is new). On the other hand you dont use your bottle down the 1 bar. If you use the acetone comes in the bottle and the bottle service lifetime decrease.


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