What topics in a speech about optical illusions?
12-14-2012, 06:29 AM,
What topics in a speech about optical illusions?
Hi Friends,

I need some sub topics about optical illusions. Only one I have so far is 'what is an optical illusion' and 'how they are made. Just what would you talk about in a speech about optical illusions.

Thank You
Steven Brooks
12-14-2012, 09:51 AM,
RE: What topics in a speech about optical illusions?
Hi Everyone,

I would approach this topic from a slightly different angle. It is fairly easy to search the web and show many different types of illusions. What is more unusual is to explain in terms as simple as possible why we see these as illusions. By "why", I don't mean the physiological reasons, I mean the evolutionary reasons.

This is a much more difficult subject to discuss, but potentially much more interesting. Some examples would be:

Why does a TV or cinema screen flicker when seen in our peripheral vision? My speculation would be that for survival, observation of motion in peripheral vision is important. The peripheral vision is more sensitive to quick motions.

Why do we not immediately notice that in some illusions the line drawings make up physically impossible shapes? It is to our advantage to use pattern recognition when viewing commonly seen objects. This gives us quicker recognition and the brain processes less information.

Why do we see the "halo illusion"? This is an illusion seen under certain conditions when the sun is directly behind us. Looking at our shadow there appears to be a halo around the head. Actually, this is not an illusion, but is a real effect. Due to the sun's position other people cannot see the halo. The interesting speculation about this "illusion" is whether this is the source for halos in the Christian religion.

Thanks and Regards
Vicky Milza

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