Volvo Polaris 2 lasts 350 miles
01-24-2019, 08:35 AM,
Volvo Polaris 2 lasts 350 miles
The electric version of Polaris 2 is expected to land in the United States in early 2020 with a maximum output power of 400 horsepower and a range of 350 miles. The new car will be built on Polaris compact modular platform, which is also responsible for the production of Volvo XC40 cross-border vehicles.
Polaris 2 will be Volvo's first model to use Google's Android operating system in its information entertainment system, including voice-controlled Google assistants, Google Play Stores, Google Maps and other services. Volvo released a prototype of the new system on Twitter.
Integrating Google's technology into the information entertainment system is a change for car companies, because most of them only use Android Auto (Android) at present. After the driver accesses the mobile phone, the driver can see and use some application software on the touch screen. Volvo chose to work with Google instead of developing information entertainment solutions internally, mainly for pragmatic reasons.
In November, Henrik Green, Volvo's R&D director, revealed at the Los Angeles Motor Show: "Why did you choose to accept this challenge and invest in similar funds? To be as good as Google's system, the research and development process needs endless efforts. He added: "We want to give consumers an unparalleled experience where their vehicles can be seamlessly connected to any other device. After this decision, it's easy to think of Android as part of the project.
Google's system will also be installed in Volvo's second-generation SPA2 platforms. In 2021, the release of the third-generation XC90 also marks the launch of the second-generation SPA2-based vehicles.
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I read about it. Now a lot of automotive companies place a great emphasis on the development of electronic cars, as well as on their battery capacity and travel distance without recharging. This is their number one task, getting around Tesla cars or making them even better. I compared the characteristics of these cars on and so far, Tesla, one of the best electric cars
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