Vickers Hardness
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Vickers Hardness
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Quote:Posted by John Beville( on 22:11:47 04/10/05

I have a hardness being reported in (HV 0.05)squared. What is this terminology and how does it correlate with HRC (asa guideline)?
The actual HV hardness is 3000.

Quote:Posted by ramchattopadhyay ( on 07:40:0105/10/05

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Maximum of HRC scale, i.e., 80 RC corresponds roughly to 800HV.
HV hardness above 800 HV is beyond HRC scale.
& there is no conversion possible from HV to HRC.
In my book on surface wear all the hardness scales are discussed along with a approx conversion scale.

Quote:Posted by John Beville( on 18:03:52 05/10/05
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Dr. Chattopadhyay,
Can you please post the table of contents of your books?
Thank you

Quote:Posted by John Beville( on 15:20:09 05/10/05

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Thank you.
I still need to know more about what the 0.05 squared means.I've seen the "HV/30" and "HV/10" terminology, but do not understand how one relates to the other, nor how the 0.05 squared relates to either of them.

Quote:Posted by Gordon England ( on 18:52:13 05/10/05

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Hi John

[Image: ehe.gif]
Estimated Hardness Equivalents between Vickers and Rockwell C

I can only think that 0.05 stands for the load/force as in HV/0.05 meaning a 50g load was used.
Measuring hardness above 900/1000 HV using Rockwell C is not practical. Conversions are very much guesswork in this region as there is no way to verify the results.
Regards Gordon

Quote:Posted by ram chattopadhyay ( on 10:22:03 16/10/05

In Reply to: Re: Vickers Hardness postedby John Beville

HV 0.05 is microhardness value of a hard phase or material at a load of 0.05 gram. Microhardness testing is used for high hardness thin coatings. Load to be used decreases with thinner coating so as to ensure non-penetration of indentor in the substrate material.
P.S please send a mail at in order to enable reply to enquiries on books' content list. my other account has become non-operative.

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