Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
10-28-2015, 11:41 AM,
Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Hi All
Does anyone have experience in sealing Tungsten Carbide coatings by slurry?
Is this a common method?
If anyone have article in this field, please send for me.
Thank you
sorousheti@yahoo.com Wink Wink
10-29-2015, 04:29 PM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Hi Sorousheti
The selection of the different kind of sealer, depend on their specific working properties, pore sizes, working temperature
resistance to chemicals media, and climatic conditions, so the choice of the sealer will be done for each case, a slurry usually is applied when there is high temperature, but tungsten carbide has low temperature limit (about 600 °C), when the work piece will be in high temperature (about 900°C) is better to use Chrome carbide coatings, for more information about sealer see: Dichtol, Loctite, Amerlock, Aremco, Munari System, etc.
Best regards
11-02-2015, 08:41 AM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Thank you Luigi
That's right.... but I hear about sealants that applyed in slurry form, then heated in low temperature (about 200 C) and eliminate pore and increase strength. this sealants use for chrome plating and thermal spray coatings.
I want some information about this sealants.
11-08-2015, 08:37 PM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Hi Sorousheti
this kind of sealant are ceramic slurry so you must contact Aremco (https://www.aremco.com), but there isn't any sealant that can increase the coating strenght, only eliminate porosity and protect the piece agains corrosion.
Best regards
11-17-2015, 12:50 PM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Hi sorousheti,

In a proper sprayed wccocr coating <1% porosity, I cannot image any sealer would penetrate that as it would even take a few days for water to penetrate!

11-23-2015, 10:18 AM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide coatings Sealants
Hi dear Joris
Yes you right... this ceramic sealers use for fill porosity in chrome plating and WCCo coatings <1% porosity but it use for increase in wear resistant for tungsten carbide coatings.

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