Tungsten Carbide HVOF Removing.
10-14-2008, 07:37 PM,
Tungsten Carbide HVOF Removing.

I am looking for how to remove full coating WOKA 3602 HVOF process.

Two cases diferents substrates:

DIN 1.2379.
Cast Iron GGG70.

I'm Thincking try remove by machining. But i do not know how impact residual stress in the substrate. If can we have any risk??

Thank you for your attention
10-15-2008, 04:17 AM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide HVOF Removing.

Machining is definitely the best and fastest way. Alternative maybe waterjet.
Depends on the coating thickness, part configuration, the machining method, (single point cutting ..etc) the rotating speed if your part is a cyclindrical shape, ID/OD or on flanges where the coating deposit.
12-04-2008, 04:03 PM,
RE: Tungsten Carbide HVOF Removing.
you can remove some carbide coatings chemically, although there are only a few people that can do it in the uk due to the amount of cyanide (i believe) that is used. alternatively you can use a reverse electrolitic process to remove some tungsten carbide coatings. The key factor in stripping this sort of coating seems to be destroying the binding agent (cobalt in the case of 86/10/4, quite possibly in others also)

depends on the application really, i know we have to strip parts from time to time, and there is no real way you could machine the coating off (our parts) practially.

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