Tips For Update A SMART Notebook
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Tips For Update A SMART Notebook
Hello Community,

SMART Technologies is a manufacturer of educational software. If you have a notebook computer that is running SMART software, it is imperative that you keep that software updated. Updating your SMART notebook software is not very hard. SMART Technologies gives all of their updates for free, no matter what operating system
you are using on your SMART notebook. You don't have to get in touch with the company to get your software upgraded. You can do it yourself with little hassle.

1. Double-click on your SMART software to launch the program.
2. Click the "Help" section.
3. Click "Check for updates and then, click "Update" option.
4. Wait for the software to update.
5. Launch the software program by clicking on it in the "Applications" menu.
6. Click the "Help" section and click over "Check For Update" option and then, click over "Update" option.
7. Wait for the computer to update the software.

Best Regards,
Tony Mccallum

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