Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
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Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hello, Forum!
Sorry for my English!!!

I have question. What grain size of a powder is used on GLC-720? Use of powders to 100 microns is possible?

Thank you.
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RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hi Sergey

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This will depend somewhat on the powder type you use and the quality/density of coating required. Lower melting point/higher thermal conductivity materials should be capable of being sprayed using larger particle sizes than high melting point/low thermal conductivity materials.
07-24-2009, 06:13 AM,
RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hello Gordon!
Sorry for my English!!! )))

We wish to use the given installation for thermal spray of cranked shaft of diesel engines of diesel locomotives. A thickness of a layer about 2,5 mm. Porosity of a layer about 5-8 %. A material of spraying NiCrBSi with additives Mo, Al. Earlier we spray cranked shaft a method thermal spray cord (SNMI). Bad quality cord materials let out in Russia has forced us to pass to a powder thermal spray.
07-25-2009, 03:48 PM,
RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hi Sergey

Typically for HVOF generally, around 50 micrometres is the high end of the particle distribution.

Which materials are you planning on HVOF spraying for your crankshafts?
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RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hi Gordon

We plan thermal spray a powder mix consisting of NiCrBSi matrixes with hardness 38 HRC with additives of 5 % Mo and 2 % Al
(Ni - bas; Cr-8,0-12,0 %; B-1,5-3,0 %; Si-1,5-2,5 %; C-0,2-1,4 %; Fe-to 5 %; Al-1,3-2,3 %; Mo-4,5-6,5 %)
As an intermediate layer thermal spray NiAl95-5
07-27-2009, 04:28 PM,
RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
Hi Sergey

For NiCrBSi type powders HVOF grades are typically -45 +15 um (-325 mesh +15um).

When you say powder mix, does powder contain one alloy or is it a blend or composite? If a blend or composite you may find any intended exothermic/synergistic reactions during spraying quite different (little or no reaction) using HVOF compared to spraying cored materials.

With HVOF you will be capable or more likely getting much less than 5-8 % porosity (well with a straight HVOF grade NICrBSi alloy powder more like 1-2% or less).

Take care as 2.5mm coating thickness may be bordering on the coating thickness limitation.
11-12-2009, 03:36 PM,
RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)
A twin wire arc system would be ideal for your application. There are many sources for the wires. If you need help, I have some resources to supply consumables to Russia.
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RE: Thermal spray HVOF GLC-720 (GTV)

Your problem can be resolved using SM8222 wire with arc spray.


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