Thermal bridging problem
12-19-2010, 12:05 AM,
Thermal bridging problem
Condensation problem - Insulating window frames


Dont know if this is an appropriate question for this forum, but no harm in asking?

About 1 year ago I built a new house with a large north facing glass facade, now that the cold weather is here I am experiencing severe condensation (puddles) on the internal bottom rails of the windows.
The window frames are made of highly conductive aluminium with a hollow cross section of 150mmx50mm. They are thermally broken from the outside by the cappings that hold the glazing in place. The mistake I made to cause this condensation problem, was not to pay enough attention to the cold bridging. There was a loose bottom sill that I held against the aluminium section rather than keeping it on the cold side of the thermal break (in line with the capping) for weather tightness reasons. Anyway, rather that pull off the cappings and covers which will not come off without damaging and re-position the sill to the cold side of the thermal break, is there a brush applied thermal paint/ coating that I could paint the external sill with to help stop the cold bridging to the internal face of the window section and causing the condensation? I have seen paint additives with ceramic beads that NASA supposedly developed, any good? The windows have a powder coat finish and I am right next to the sea.
Also, would filling the bottom hollow sections with some kind of insulant such as expanding foam help?
Thanks in advance.
12-20-2010, 05:42 PM,
RE: Thermal bridging problem
There are brush applied coatings with some ability to provide insulating value, but I honestly have no idea if they will truly sole your problem in this instance. You may want to try looking for coatings that contain borosilicate microspheres. If I recall correctly that is one of the materials used inorder to impart thermal insulative properties to coatings.
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RE: Thermal bridging problem
Thanks, I think the NASA developed stuff is similar to what you are talking about, except they use ceramic spheres. They prevent the tranfer of heat, so I guess they would stop cold bridging also, but I dont know.


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