The role of automotive rubber products in Automobiles Today
10-20-2018, 04:44 AM,
The role of automotive rubber products in Automobiles Today
Today, we learn second categories of automotive rubber products: sealing products.
A modern car, more than 240 pieces of sealing accessories, these rubber accessories, although small, but the role of great, especially the key parts of the rubber sealing parts, "the difference is high, lost thousands of miles." Leakage and seal, a pair of contradictions in the use of automobiles, can only be balanced as much as possible, and will be an eternal theme in automotive design. Rubber sealing products for automobiles are generally classified into six categories:
A.The functions of various types of sealing strips and automotive sealing strips, in addition to decorative functions, are mainly to effectively block the turbidity and noise under driving conditions, play a role in dust and rain prevention and sound insulation, and when the car is shaken and twisted, the sealing strip can also play a buffer, shock absorption role, giving the car a better cleanliness. Sex and comfort.
B.Oil seal, mainly used for rotating shaft or reciprocating shaft sealing, can use a higher speed, good self-sealing, long service life, is a high-tech content of precision rubber parts.
C.Brake cup, brake fluid used in automotive brake system, is a kind of hydraulic brake system to transfer pressure to achieve the braking effect of the liquid.
D.Dust cover, dust cover although simple, but also requires heat resistance, plugging, oil resistance, fatigue, ozone aging resistance and tensile properties.
E.The brake film is the diaphragm of the brake chamber, which acts as a transmission pressure in the automotive braking system.
F.Type 0 circle. The rubber sealing 0-ring used in automobiles plays the same role as the sealing 0-ring used in other mechanical equipment. To prevent leakage and external environmental media and dust intrusion. It is mainly used for rotating shaft or reciprocating shaft system. Type 0 coils for automobiles are installed on the main shaft of engines, gearboxes and cars, or in the movement of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other liquids and ensure the normal operation of various components.

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