The recommended surface speed
12-13-2010, 10:47 PM,
The recommended surface speed
Refere to the chart of Metco , Spraying of Cylindrical Components, RPM and gun traverse speed. The shaft diameter and surface speed are required to find the shaft RPM and gun traverse speed during shaft spraying.Since the shaft diameter is known , the surface speed is still unknown.

I am intending to prepare the spray parameters for shaft shape part to spray Metco Aluminum SF wire (as a top coat) and Metco 405 (as bond coat) using Metco 10E or 12E gun . Also , i need the surface speed of Metco 601 for another application using Metco 7MP gun.

The required surface speed is not available neither in Metco handbooks for wire and plasma processes nor in Metco materials technical bullitens nor in Metco guns operating manuals , spraying tables.

In another words , How can i find or calculate the recommended surface speed ?

Finally , i appreciate your valuable help.

With my best regards,,,
12-14-2010, 09:53 AM,
RE: The recommended surface speed
150-250 surface feet per minute is a general number for thermal spray.
14" diameter cylinder should be rotated at 60 rpm
rpm x d x pi /12
traverse speed, you want a around 30% - 50 overlap from each pass.

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