The function of rubber elastic elements
09-25-2018, 10:37 AM,
The function of rubber elastic elements
Rubber is an organic polymer material. With the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of modern automobiles, people put forward higher requirements for the vibration and noise of automobiles. Due to the superior vibration and noise reduction function of rubber elastic components, a large number of rubber supporting components with different shapes and functions are used in the structural system of automobiles. The engine and its power assembly of modern automobiles are mounted on the chassis of automobiles by mounting system, and a large number of automobiles are usually mounted with rubber dampers. Rubber damper bears various disturbing forces of engine weight, so the maximum displacement should be effectively limited to avoid interference with adjacent parts.
The functions of rubber dampers are: to allow the frame or body to twist without causing excessive residual stress to the fuselage, and to prevent excessive residual deformation to the device, especially for the four-point supporting type; to reduce structural noise caused by engine vibration and reduce sound waves; to prevent human body discomfort caused by engine vibration and Fatigue; prevent fatigue, damage or misoperation of components, such as radiators, relays, meters, etc. Generally speaking, rubber damping blocks have three functions: support, spacing and vibration isolation. Rubber damping blocks are usually of 3 types: composite, shear and compression.
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