The charging rate of new lithium batteries will be greatly increased
11-26-2018, 09:57 AM,
The charging rate of new lithium batteries will be greatly increased
According to foreign media reports, India has developed a new composite of silicon and phosphorene for the anode of lithium-ion batteries.
Compared with the current lithium-ion batteries, the new anode materials increase the charging speed and capacity of the batteries by three and five times respectively, while reducing the overall weight of the batteries. If only silicon is used as the anode material of batteries, its cycle stability will be weak.
The researchers used phosphene, a pure two-dimensional material, to make cell anodes using nano-silica particles and a small amount of black phosphene layer or pure phosphene.
The advantage of using phosphene comes from the structural design of phosphene, which provides high flexibility and elasticity. The high degree of mechanical flexibility enables it to accommodate lithium ions in the battery and improve the charging speed of the battery.
Although silicon-based batteries are the future direction of development, the greatest challenge is to maintain their high stability, thereby extending the battery charge and discharge life.
In the first charge test, the capacity retention rate of the new battery was 78%, which meant that the irreversible loss was negligible, which was the common fault of lithium battery when the silicon-based anode was mixed with carbon compound.
Phosphene has structural advantages and can be used as an adhesive to prevent cracking. Under the condition of high charge rate, it was observed.
The lithium battery made of this material can withstand hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

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