The Latest Development of Intelligent Driving
01-17-2019, 07:19 AM,
The Latest Development of Intelligent Driving
Auto industry networking is becoming more and more common, such vehicles can interact with external elements such as cloud servers and roadside infrastructure. Therefore, Italian Semiconductor will also demonstrate wireless firmware (FOTA) transmission using an automotive processor equipped with a dedicated hardware security module (HSM), which is powerful and runs independently.
Advanced sensor technology plays a vital role in ensuring high level of safety and comfort in automatic driving and ADAS technology. Semiconductor will demonstrate innovative vehicle image sensors with global shutter function that can be used to monitor drivers and passengers. In addition, the image sensor uses infrared rays to remove external effects such as sunlight and street lights to detect vehicle activity. Therefore, it also has a startup monitoring function to clearly show the driver and passengers, determine the driver's concentration and passenger comfort.
Manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles are working to reduce the size of batteries and speed up charging. Italian Semiconductor will also demonstrate its on-board charger solutions to meet the requirements of smaller size and larger capacity. Other automotive semiconductor solutions presented by Semiconductor Semiconductor at the exhibition include ADAS system, road noise elimination acceleration sensor, power management integrated circuit (IC), lighting integrated circuit, safety microcontroller, wireless charging solution, electric erasable read-only memory (EEPROM), etc.

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