Tesla released a patent for a new redundant battery management system
01-09-2019, 04:04 AM,
Tesla released a patent for a new redundant battery management system
According to foreign media reports, Tesla recently released a battery technology. Since batteries are the only power source of electric vehicles, the failure of battery system may result in the failure of electric vehicles. For this reason, Tesla felt it necessary to build a powerful and dynamic battery management system.
Tesla's battery patent is a redundant battery management system, which consists of a client and a multi-channel, bidirectional, daisy-chained communication circuit. Tesla also lists methods for identifying fault locations in the battery management system.
Tesla further discussed the principle of the chrysanthemum chain loop in the battery management system: the host and each client can use the chrysanthemum chain transmission path loop to communicate and respond to instructions. The chrysanthemum chain loop may include a group of lines, the latter can transmit electrical signals. The Chrysanthemum Chain Loop can also connect the host interface to the serial client interface, so as to realize sequential communication and single channel or multi-channel communication in the link.
The battery management system can provide redundant communication paths, because it can realize bidirectional communication along the chrysanthemum chain loop, and the dual channels used by the chrysanthemum chain loop can realize a new system of battery management either separately or redundantly. The host can communicate with the client in series clockwise and counterclockwise. Even if a channel connection failure occurs in the Chrysanthemum chain loop, the two-way communication can ensure that the communication between the host and the client can still be used normally. In addition, the redundancy is applicable to dual channels.
Lastly, Tesla pointed out that the system could realize dynamic redundancy in battery management system, thereby improving the reliability of new generation battery packs.
Multichannel architecture ensures that subsystem functional failures (false data) do not affect the normal operation of auxiliary subsystems in other channels. In addition, the bidirectionality of the system can provide assistance when the Chrysanthemum chain circuit fails.

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