Technical Characteristics of Rich Laser Cladding Technology
05-17-2014, 06:15 AM,
Technical Characteristics of Rich Laser Cladding Technology
Technical Characteristics of Rich Laser Cladding Technology
  Rich laser metal cladding technology adopts miniwatt YAG pulse laser as heat source for metal cladding. Compared with traditional metal defect repairing technologies, there are the following advantages:
1. Comparison with Large-size Laser Equipments
  Large-size laser cladding equipment adopts CO2 continuous laser as heat source, whose wavelength is 10 times of that of miniwatt YAG laser. For that metal’s absorptivity of different wavelength laser, miniwatt YAG laser, whose wavelength is 1/10 of CO2 laser’s, can form high-temperature molten pool more easily in ultrashort time since short wavelength and concentrated pulse energy, thereby, heat affected zone would be more easily controlled in quite a small area, crystal phase would be organizational exquisite, pore-free and no slag inclusion, and matrix no distortion.

  For that YAG laser adopts pulse mode, its facula strength, acting time and waveform can all be preset, which helps to control facula’s heating and cooling methods on metal matrix, therefore, effects and control of metal phase transformation can reasonably realize.
  Price of Rich laser equipments is only one tenth of large-size lasers. Small in size, light in weight, and low in operating cost, for what it’s more convenient for transporting to site and realize repairing without disassembling.
2. Comparison with Thermal Spraying Technology
  Rich laser metal cladding technology can genuinely form sufficient molten pool, and realizes metallurgical bonding which can improve bonding strength and compactness between cladding material and matrix.
Spraying coating, bombarded by laser facula, can realize ideal metallurgical cladding result. The combination between Thermal Spraying Technology and Rich Laser Cladding Technology can bring the advantages of these two technologies into full play, and realize ideal result of metal surface repairing.
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