Tafa 8830 wire delivery system and a litle by me!
11-04-2016, 04:11 PM,
Tafa 8830 wire delivery system and a litle by me!
Hello everybody!
I am new in thermal spray but I have already 25 years experience in automotive paints industry and 8 years is sandblasting and protective coatings in every kind of metal construction. . my firs contact with thermal spray was before tow years when I both my first thermal spray machine as used(Tafa 8830 400 amps)... I have already learn almost everything in anticorrosion protection, and I have all ready receipt the benefits of this job.. The thermal sprayed(ZnAl) jobs, can not compare with any body paint system.. Especially when you use very good the tow methods together the result is unique!
To the point now...
As everybody here knows that the 8830 is very heavy gun to use it with one hand for long time, occasionally and both hands...
My thinking is to sell it and buy something lighter like Tafa BP400 or Thermion AVD350.. What is your opinion?
The only problem that I have with my Tafa 8830 is the weight and is very discomfort, when you turn the wire tube a litle the wire stick in the nozzles. I have check all the issue in the book and I have end up that the reason is the wire delivery tubes that is not original.. Is something like polystromatic tubes... I have buy the especially lubricants for this and they do the job for a litle... I am forced to change after 1 hour spraying a set off nozzles... The costs those in Greece is 15 euros per nozzle, and the wire delivery system from Tafa has 3250 euros(is it possible?). . so. I must to find a solution. Or i will fix it, or I will change it..
Can anybody help? Sorry for my not so good English...

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